• Set realistic, achievable goals
  • Improve confidence and self-belief
  • Understanding possible obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Development of new empowering beliefs and behaviours
  • Clarity around what you want in life, work with you to write your 5-year vision
  • Understanding and managing the source of recurring problems and obstacles in your life
  • Improve relationships: at work, at home, with friends, with family
  • Understanding the fast track to goal achievement and life skills in general for all areas of your life
  • Increased capacity for making positive change in your life
  • Enhanced decision making skills and techniques
  • Increased productivity, better time management
  • Development of your own personal success formula for life
  • Establish your personal brand and assist you with continuously improving it
  • Work well in teams to achieve organisational gaols
  • Improve management, interpersonal and communication skills

A coach works with you to keep you focused on your goals when everyday life issues get in your way of achieving your end results...

As a Life Coach …

Belinda is influential, persuasive and dynamic with an unwavering sense of determination. It is these traits that enable her to assist individuals to work through issues that may be inhibiting their growth and then skilfully guides them in the development and realisation of goals on both a business and personal level. She believes in taking clients on a journey of self-awareness and discovery that leads to both personal and professional success.

Belinda works with a  number of organisations varying in industries. Belinda has obtained a vast amount of knowledge about some of the challenges these verticals are faced with.  As facilitator, lecturer for Honours in Digital Marketing and Branding Belinda is able to provide advisory services that address the digital communications drivers.  

Belinda captures some of her experiences as a women embarking on the journey of a small business owner. Check out her blog.....


With only a limited budget available, marketing a small business can be a challenging affair. According to Nicola Kleyn, Associate Professor in Marketing at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the critical issue for small businesses is how to acquire and keep customers. 





  • Gray Training - 2007-  Facilitate the learning
  • Gray Training - 2010 - Assessor
  • Gray Training-  2010 - Moderator 
  • People SA (Coaching & leadership) - 2010 -   Coaching Essentials 1 (NLP)
  • People SA (Coaching & leadership) - 2011 - Coaching Genius (NLP)
  • People SA (Coaching & leadership) - 2011 Coaching Mastery ACMA SA (NLP)
  • ENNEA INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD-  2016 -  Level 1 5LQ Practitioner Certification & Certification as a Team Facilitator