Belinda has over 15 years of strategic and tactical marketing management experience, head of client satisfaction/centricity assessment and solutions marketing teams. Belinda has facilitated the Basic Marketing Course for Dimension Data and currently facilitates for the  University of Stellenbosch on the Executive Programme, as well as a Lecturer for a Honours Digital Marketing Course for the Institute of Marketing, a mentor for research Honours students and supervisor for Practicum students competing their Bachelor of Philosophy Honours in Marketing Management. 

Belinda is a highly experienced enabler of tertiary learning. Sharing her considerable knowledge of the principals of marketing and client services, she provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of marketing and its various elements.  Belinda has a love for learning which is evident in her approach as a facilitator and lecturer.  ​​

Areas of expertise:

  •   Marketing Principals
  •   Direct Marketing
  •   eMarketing/ Digital marketing for ebusiness
  •   Campaign Management
  •   Branding (Personal and Company)
  •   Marketing Strategy
  •   Integrated Marketing Communications
  •   Client Services/Centricity/Satisfaction
  •   Client Experience
  •   Marketing Research
  • ​  Sales Training

With only a limited budget available, marketing a small business can be a challenging affair. According to Nicola Kleyn, Associate Professor in Marketing at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the critical issue for small businesses is how to acquire and keep customers. 


Belinda works with a  number of organisations varying in industries. Belinda has obtained a vast amount of knowledge about some of the challenges these verticals are faced with.  As facilitator, lecturer for Honours in Digital Marketing and Branding Belinda is able to provide advisory services that address the digital communications drivers.  


Belinda captures some of her experiences as a women embarking on the journey of a small business owner. Check out her blog.....