Navigating Change
"Over the past year, Belinda has been coaching me through some major transitions in my life and I could not have navigated through these changes without her help. Riddled with self-doubt and an 'imagined' lack of self worth, her coaching and mentoring skills have helped me identify and face the fears that have hindered me throughout my entire life. Her approach has been incredibly supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skilfully adept at helping me change the destructive thought patterns that have prevented me from living a more authentic version of myself. I will always be eternally grateful for her unwavering belief, faith and encouragement and for shining a light on my path leading towards achieving a life  lived with joy, love, abundance and passion."   A.A  

Team Challenges
“Belinda managed to coach our Dimension Data MDP group to become the winning team for 2011! We were a truly disparate blend of personalities so it could not have been an easy task. Belinda kept us on track and helped us as a group in crossing some very difficult challenges.”   Mark

Focus on the important issues
“Belinda started coaching me when I was going through a tough stage in my life as I was struggling with various personal and professional challenges.  She helped me rationalise everything and focus on the important issues.  As it turned out, I was very close to being on the right track, but without Belinda’s coaching I’m not sure I would have figured that out!  Thanks Belinda, you are great.”  Pete

Personalised guidance
“Belinda gave exactly the right amount of drive and direction to the team to ensure that we stayed on track, but at the same time left us the freedom to shape our project in line with our own thinking. Each team member received personalised guidance to individually develop and grow our abilities, which gave us the confidence to succeed beyond our initial capabilities.”

Life-changing impact
“When I started coaching with Belinda I came to her in a stressed state, confused about the relationships in my life, and dealing with work stress, time management difficulties and panic attacks. Since starting sessions with her I have a new sense of awareness and understand myself so much better. She has been empathetic, non-judgmental, honest, and so easy to talk to. Belinda has assisted me to find answers to all the issues I have brought to her. My stress levels have definitely improved and I now approach life much more calmly. I am more confident making decisions as well as more attentive to myself and my surroundings. I really appreciate everything Belinda has done for me! It has been life changing!”  Janine

A healthier self-image
“When Belinda and I first met I had a very negative self-perception and really struggled to express myself. With lots of hard work and dedication from both of us, my life has been refreshed and renewed. I now have a much healthier self-image and am well able to manage the triggers of old. I am now also able to give a great presentation with confidence. I can recommend Belinda as a coach to anyone that is serious about personal transformation." Nicola

Belinda captures some of her experiences as a women embarking on the journey of a small business owner. Check out her blog.....

With only a limited budget available, marketing a small business can be a challenging affair. According to Nicola Kleyn, Associate Professor in Marketing at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the critical issue for small businesses is how to acquire and keep customers. 


Belinda works with a  number of organisations varying in industries. Belinda has obtained a vast amount of knowledge about some of the challenges these verticals are faced with.  As facilitator, lecturer for Honours in Digital Marketing and Branding Belinda is able to provide advisory services that address the digital communications drivers.